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How do I set the clock on my range?
Switch off at the mains and leave for at least 30 min to allow memory to clear. Then follow the setup procedure outlined in the user instructions. Please note; the main oven will not work without the clock set.

After installation parts of my range are not working, why is this?
Was the product installed by a qualified electrician/ Gas Safety Registered Engineer? After correct installation has been verified & if problem persists please refer to our Customer Service department on (800) 459-9848.

Can I convert my gas range to LPG?
Several of our ranges can be converted to LPG. Please contact an authorized service provider.

How can I clean my range cooktops?
The cleaning of sealed cooktops should be done when they are cold. Wipe the cooktops with a little household non-scratch cleaning cream following the circular grooved pattern on the cooktop. Afterwards, wipe with a damp clean cloth, making sure that all the cleaner has been removed. Then dry by switching on for a few minutes. Apply a thin coat of cooking oil from time to time to provide a protective coating.

What types of pans can I use on my ceramic cooktop?
Use steel or heat-resistant glass pots. Do not use pots that have concave or convex bottoms. Do not use aluminum-bottomed pots. Do not use pots made from Boron glass or Pyrex, which are generally oven type containers.

What kind of pans should I use on my ceramic cooktop with maximum efficiency?
For maximum efficiency, you can use pans that match the diameters of the elements. If the pan is too small energy is wasted.

How should I clean a ceramic cooktop?
Ceramic cooktops should be cleaned with a wet cloth while still warm using special cleaning products.
Cleaning should be carried out using a clean damp soapy cloth.
To remove stubborn stains or food deposits use a glass scraper. These can also be used in order to get rid of easily-removable dirt deposits when cooking plates are still warm. Remember that the blade should be sharp and replace worn blades. Do not run the blade along the edge of the ceramic cooktop.


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