Take Your Best Shot

By Beko US

Last month, we shared exciting news about Beko’s #EatLikeAPro campaign starring our Premium partners, the world-class athletes from 2018’s La Liga champions FC Barcelona. With more than half of the €1 million ($1.21 million) goal raised to date for UNICEF, the initiative has already encouraged kids around the world to make healthier choices.

The campaign has also inspired this new metaphor.

Would you even think about challenging a pro team like FC Barcelona to a match without the right equipment, from shin guards to cleats? Definitely not. The same rule applies when you’re taking a shot at winning over your family to eat healthier.

If you don’t have the right tools, planning and preparing fresh, tasty food can take a lot of time, energy, and money and quickly make you lose enthusiasm for your goal. So the best way to set yourself up for success is to equip your pitch—a.k.a. your kitchen—with appliances that help make creating nutritious meals and snacks an easy choice that fits perfectly with your busy lifestyle.

The transition to a healthier and more sustainable kitchen begins with the refrigerator. We've all felt inspired and excited to provide healthier meals and snacks for the family. We’ve selected the recipes and stocked up on the requisite ingredients—succulent fruits, crisp vegetables, and fresh herbs. Then life intervenes, we get distracted, and eventually we discover this precious produce shriveled or spoiled in the bottom of the crisper drawer.

At Beko, we believe refrigerators shouldn’t just be used for storing and keeping food cold. They should actively prolong freshness and help keep your ingredients at their peak until you’re finally ready to prepare them…even if it’s weeks later. Our engineers have built in several clever features that make this possible.

Here’s the Beko “hat trick.”

One: The meticulous temperature and humidity control of EverFresh+ technology means every stalk, head, or bunch you bought as a healthy option or key ingredient stays fresher three times longer than in the average refrigerator — for up to 30 days!*

Two: Active Fresh Blue Light simulates natural lighting conditions to bring the photosynthesis process right into your refrigerator and keep it going as a way of retaining vitamins and nutrients.

Three: Advanced IonGuard creates a fresh-air environment inside your refrigerator to protect and preserve foods longer and eliminate odor transfer.

As the goalkeeper for your family’s well being, kick off your own campaign to get them eating healthier by making sure your kitchen has all the right equipment to win. Take your best shot with a Beko refrigerator and you’re ready to bend it like FC Barcelona!

* Tested by SGS (compared to standard crisper for broccoli and lettuce)


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